Pruning and Reflecting

On Sunday I was deep in soil-- pruning one rose bush noticing that it had gotten too much sun. I thought about what I had heard during the week at the Ideas Festival in Aspen.
It truly is a gift to spend four days listening to thinkers, scholars and leaders (just really smart people) talk about what inspires them. What motivates them. What they’re thinking about and the questions they have. Richard Branson talking about his relationship with Nelson Mandela and his non-profit arm Virgin Unite to Tom Friedman from the New York Times on the significance of water in the Arab Spring uprisings to Heidi Moore from the Guardian talk about the role of the journalist and Wiki Leaks. At the end of the four days I was more aware and just engaged (truth be told- partly in overload mode too).
I loved listening to the stories and hearing people’s journey and how they are making a difference in their worlds. An ex-producer from 60 minutes presented his new show called Year of Living Dangerously that is airing in February on Showtime on how environmental issues are at the root of much of the conflict we are seeing around the world. I learned from him that 80% of the conflicts in Yemen are over water. That people are killing one another there because of the shortage and that it can take up to 35 days for people to get water. He left 60 minutes to tell this story. This is all sitting with me as I prune. I learned so much this week. It was a pause moment where I just listened to people’s stories and it was in those stories that I got inspired. I went back to work after the conference and decided to launch “What a Made Today” program. Throughout the week we will post new styles I made that day. We create all the time but often forget to share our story.
Hope you will take a moment to share your story by clicking reply below on what inspired you this week.