We Knew We Needed a Change: Sportloop 2.0

You know when you look at something for so long and it just becomes the way it is?  And even though you know that it’s time for a change you're just stuck with the way it is.  Well, that was my relationship with Sportloop.

I love Sportloop and 10 years ago when we came up with the product we worked hard to come up with packaging that would communicate function as well as form.  It had to be cool, unisex, compact, modern, easy to ship, simple yet stylish – but not too stylish.  Not easy.  We designed and launched the product in the vacuum form packaging with the line drawing design.  It worked.  Worked well.  Now 10 years later we needed a change.  And I was stuck.

The plastic balls were Vincent’s idea.  Brilliant!  I wanted something circular.  Modern.  Something fun, fresh and impulsive.  Something you would find at a Dylan’s Candy Bar (great candy store my kids love!).    We tried a few different size balls before landing on the perfect one.  And then designed the hangtag which had to be oversize and bright.

I love every part of creating even the stuck, uncomfortable moments.  As I sit and look at the finished Sportloop in its new packaging being shipped off to Nordstrom’s I realize how many stages we went through to get here.  Many times it felt like four steps back and two forward.  But we did it.