Tucson Gem and Mineral Show 2014

(Beads in every color, chains in every shape)


One of the bastions of La LOOP's quality is our tireless search for unique materials that, in addition to our patented hinge technology, make each and every La LOOP a special piece that you fall in love with. Every February, our design team makes their annual pilgrimage to the Tucson Gem Show. For the 60th anniversary of the show this year, thousands of suppliers converged for one of the world's most comprehensive showings of gems, minerals and metals. From the gargantuan tents to the bustling convention center to the jam packed hotel suites, Tucson is turned upside down.


(Left: Diane carefully examining strings of beads; Right: A beautiful assortment of stones)


This year, Elizabeth and Diane traveled to Tucson to painstakingly sift through stones, beads and chains to find those rare and exceptional objects that stand out in a seemingly endless sea. One year Elizabeth happened upon an Afghani miner in his booth surrounded by boxes of lava stones and untreated turquoise. Ruby cabochons from India, a spectacular lapis with jagged edges - all manners of strange and beautiful treasures can be unearthed here. Elizabeth and Diane soaked it all in.



 (Patterns etched into the landscape as we make our way to and from the show)


In combing through the dizzying array of spools and trays, our designers look beyond what captivates the eye. The tactile qualities of a material, its weight against the body, the way it catches the light are all things that are meticulously studied so that each finished La LOOP becomes an extension of the wearer's body - something that belongs, something you cannot live without. It is a true labor of love. One that we gladly embark on every season.

Our Spring Summer 2014 collection is the cumulation of the countless hours spent at this show and around the world in pursuit of materials that are beyond compare. We are incredibly excited about the collection and know you will love it as much as we do.