La LOOP Through The Generations

Posted by Kelly Wong on

La LOOP through the generations


I have moments when I catch myself thinking "I have become my mother!" - When I wash the dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, or when I relish in doing the seating for a dinner party, or  when I stroke my daughter's hair and tell her how proud I am of her.  All things that I have watched my mom do over and over again and now here I am. Her mannerisms, habits, preferences all have a way of filtering down and becoming as much a part of me as it is a part of my memory of her in your youth.
Then there are my children who I watch grow, much too quickly, as they discover their place in the world. I see a glimmer of who they will become as adults - I see a piece of myself. I see my children who will someday become my friends.
One day, my daughters will have children of their own and have a moment when they realize they've become their mother. I look at the generations of my family - my mom, my daughters, myself - and see all the ways we can learn from each other. 
Mother's Day is in a few short weeks. On that day we will spend time together as a family, but I delight in every moment that I am able to spend with the women in my life who have made me who I am today. 
Happy Mother's Day from all the women in my family.