A Inside Look at Jeddah

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Every day is a new challenge, a new learning experience. Everyone you encounter teaches you something new. Our friends at Jamjoom Optical recently introduced us their city, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. 

Jeddah, the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia, is also one of the art capitals of the region. Along with dozens of galleries, museums and collections, Jeddah is also one of the largest open air museums in the world with sculptures featured throughout the city. 

Sculptures in Jeddah

Elements of the traditional mix with the modern here. Al-Balad, the historical center of Jeddah, is just moments away from the water front. Tradition and modernity mix effortlessly in all aspects art, architecture and culture. 

Al-Balad, the historical center of Jeddah 
The waterfront
Interior of the famous Angawi House,built and designed in the traditional Hejaz style of the region

We want to thank our friends at Jamjoom Optical for showing us a bit of their beautiful city. We look forward to sharing more with our readers as La LOOP reaches new and exciting places around the world. 

King Fahd's Fountain at sunset

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