Sterling Ball Chain Dog Tag

A La LOOP necklace lives within a unique category of accessory that merges the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle crafted to hold glasses. The beloved military-inspired Ball Chain Dog Tag has taken different forms over the years in terms of both finishes and chain size, but this one is a true classic and a nod to our origins: a 3mm ball chain and the pure white sheen of polished Sterling Silver, literally made by the same person and manufacturer in the NY Jewelry District that made the first ever La LOOP.
- Collection: Jewelry
- Assembled by hand in New York
- Patented loop design with magical hinges that swivel 360 degrees, ensuring your glasses stay in the loop as you move around
- Loop and chain are polished solid 925 Sterling Silver
- 26” total length; dog tag loop is 29mm wide x 47mm long
- Sterling ball is chain is 3mm wide
- Style #: 638B

Pre-Order: This item will shipped the 3rd week of October 2019. 

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