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Check out our patented swivel eyeglass holders that are perfect for you, your spouse, and your family. Not to mention, they make great gifts for upcoming birthdays and events!


The Italian braided leather is handmade in a 5th generation mill outside of Venice, Italy. The stunning coral hue gives any outfit a pop of color, making this an attention grabbing style... Learn More
Never lose your glasses again with this classic leather La LOOP necklace. This leather and clasp style came to life in one of our earliest collections, and with its sleek,... Learn More
Loop: Silver Plated; 23 mm in diameter Material: Italian Braided Leather in Coral (3.5mm) Necklace length: 21" with clasp   “The most useful piece of fine jewelry you’ll ever own.”... Learn More
972G Graphite Braided Leather
Never lose your glasses again with this classic braided leather La LOOP necklace. The Braided Leathers are part of La LOOP’s core collection; they were with us from the beginning and... Learn More
545 LOOOP- Rust Rubber
Loop: Antique Silver Finish (made from lead free zinc alloy, normal zinc alloy, and brass); 30 mm in diameter Material: Rubber Cord in Rust (3mm) Necklace length: 25"    “When high... Learn More
Loop: Satin Silver Plated Dog Tag; 18x34mm Material: Italian flat leather in Camel (4.5mm) Necklace length: 25"   “The most useful piece of fine jewelry you’ll ever own.” Form x Function Glasses on... Learn More