About La LOOP

Our Story

La LOOP was born out of necessity-- over 17 years ago.  Living in New York in a multi tasking work, family, kids juggle world -- I was looking for products that were functional, stylish and simplified life. At the time, digging at the bottom of my bag for sunglasses or losing them entirely was part of the routine. Inspired by high-end street style from cities around the globe, La LOOP introduced an innovative, first of its kind eyewear accessory that's as practical as it is fashion-forward.

The styles catch your attention, but it's the patented hinges that set La LOOP in a class of its own. Using 360-degree technology on the hinges of the loop, it keeps your glasses secure and in place without bending, twisting, or falling out. The first necklace for eyewear, La LOOP has been recognized worldwide as an invention by countless museums including New York's Museum of Modern Art, and media types like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Brand Week. Today, La LOOP  can be found in over 1,000 stores spanning 28 countries.


New designs and innovations have helped La LOOP develop a cult following worldwide. After expanding with two innovative, stylish solutions for quick reads—Le Collier and the Monocle, which incorporate lenses—creating modern, sophisticated reading glasses was the next step. La LOOP, the company, filled this niche with EV3 LDN, a chic, tightly edited collection of contemporary eyewear.

An emphasis from day one on quality materials and handmade products put La LOOP ahead of the curve, as both sourcing and sustainability have since become watchwords in the fashion world. This continues with the recent acquisition of Diane Taylor Designs, a collection of eyewear leashes and accessories made by hand in Los Angeles.

The passion and drive of Creative Director and CEO Elizabeth Faraut has helped La LOOP thrive, but it's truly the community of people who buy and wear La LOOP that have turned it into a global presence. Celebrities including Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Heidi Klum have been spotted wearing La LOOP. La LOOP products aren't just made to help you see more clearly—they help you be seen.
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