916MD The St. Tropez in Moon Dust

This is a La LOOP signature style, inspired by the glamorous atmosphere in St. Tropez, France. The Moon Dust Italian leather is handmade in a 5th generation mill outside of Venice, Italy, a soft and sparkly hue that reminds of that magical way the light hits on warm, moonlit nights. Rhythm and intensity of color and illumination are showcased in the Swarovski crystals on the front side of the loop, while the back is solid Sterling Silver plated. Born out of a passion for detail and high-precision cutting, these precious ingredients impart refined glamour to everything they embellish.

  • Material: Italian Smooth Leather in Moon Dust (3mm)
  • Loop: 30mm in diameter; Sterling Silver Swarovski Loop
  • Necklace length: 21 inches with clasp

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