The Black Sands with Silver Plated Loop

A La LOOP necklace lives within a unique category of accessory that merges the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle crafted to hold glasses. Onyx is said to be a protective stone worn when facing adversaries in battles and conflicts of all kinds, or while hurrying down a dark street late at night—at the very least it will protect your glasses from getting lost. Inspired by the earthier side of Fontana’s Earth & Gold exhibit in Rome, the balanced yet asymmetrical pattern of the star cut matte beads add never before seen magic to this versatile black beaded necklace.
- Collection: Jewelry
- Assembled by hand in New York with a French coil wire wrap for extra stability
- Patented loop design with magical hinges that swivel 360 degrees, ensuring your glasses stay in the loop as you move around
- Loop has a silver plating, with a protective e-coat to help resist tarnish and discoloration
- Heavy 3-micron plating to ensure durability and luster.
- 25” total length; loop is 23mm in diameter
- Star cut onyx is 4mm; Star cut antique silver beads are 2.5mm
- Style #: 268SB

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