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4 Ways to not Lose Your Sunglasses this Summer

4 Ways to not Lose Your Sunglasses this Summer

Suns out, shades out! But, how do you keep track of your sunglasses while you dip in the pool, sunbathe on the beach, and grill with your friends? Here are some tips to help you keep your glasses close for a stress-free summer.

1. Make a consistent home for them. Whether it is on your nightstand, in your jewelry box, or a small drawer in your closet, your sunglasses need a “home base” to where you always return them. Whenever you need your glasses, this should be the first place you look. 

2. Use “The Look” to track your glasses. The Look is a small, wearable device with a Bluetooth Low Energy chip inside. Users can attach the chip to their glasses, pair it with their Android or iOS phone and proceed to track their glasses.

3. Use a caseAlthough sunglass cases can be bulky, they are very valuable for keeping track of your precious sunnies. Make a mental note to put them back in their case whenever you don’t need them. A padded case will also protect them from bends and scratches. 

4. Get a LA LOOP necklace. This is the obvious choice--not that we’re biased. The days of pairing your cute sunnies with an unattractive accessory are done. Same goes for stretching them out while wearing over your head, or watching them fall to the ground as they slip out from the front of your shirt. Instead, get yourself a piece of jewelry with patented loop-and-hinge technology that keeps your glasses at hand, and an elegant design that helps you express your unique style.


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