Founding Vision

LA LOOP began, as so many of the best things do, over lunch.

Two women, who became business partners, met for a bite in New York. One, a financial executive, wore her glasses hanging on the loop of a necklace she’d made in partnership with a 47th Street jeweler. The other, a fashion industry veteran who honed her eye at Figaro Madame, Guerlain, and GUESS, saw a new style-driven accessory in-the-making. Suddenly, the notion of products that could be functional, yet equally chic, sparked a women-led business. LA LOOP, a new category of accessory that merged the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle crafted to hold glasses launched in 1999. Its engineering proved to be so innovative that the company earned a utility and design patent. Soon fashion cognoscente including Vogue’s Tonne Goodman and Barneys’ Simon Doonan began donning LA LOOP, images of the accessory appeared in The New York Times, eyewear luminary Robert Marc couldn’t keep it in stock, and LA LOOP’s founders began gathering friends and family around kitchen tables to help fulfill demand. Armed with a new vision-boosting accessory, a tribe of forward-thinking Loopers quickly began taking shape.

About us - LA LOOP
The Sterling Petite Chain 20th Anniversary Edition, with proceeds going to Downtown Women's Center an organization that empowers and provides services for women who are experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles

Looking forward

How we see—call it our perceptions—inform the ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams that shape us as individuals.

Over 20 years ago, LA LOOP made it possible to chicly integrate the means to see clearly into each daily look. Twice-yearly collections encourage individual expression, from Sterling Silver linked chains to Italian terracotta leather to hand woven stretch cord. And the accessory’s unique patented combination of form and function remains an homage to the third-generation jewelers on New York’s famed 47th Street who originated and still create LA LOOP jewelry designs.

Over the past 20 years, LA LOOP’s team of forward-looking partners has built our company into a global enterprise from its Los Angeles base to a coterie of over 1,000 stores in 28 countries. Each season we’re inspired by new leathers from a fifth-generation mill in Northern Italy and vibrant collections of beads from top gem shows for our collections. We source pearls and shells directly from trusted local suppliers, whom we rely on to seek out innovative raw goods. We’re also constantly experimenting, streamlining our designs to create style-driven affordable pieces, paring back LA LOOP staples while integrating the patented craftsmanship from the original design.

This daily endeavor, to devise new collections, always in conversation with LA LOOP’s makers, mirrors our mission to connect with the world we see all around us.

Seekers who find LA LOOP share a keen sense of cultural and global awareness because seeing things faster and clearer lets us all see more. This is what defines us as a company. We think seeing is the first step toward looping in, taking action and advocating for change. Through non-profit organizations and campaigns sparked by LA LOOP, we inspire personal observation and agency.

Let your vision guide you, just as ours shapes our path forward.

Elizabeth behind the scene - LA LOOP

Creative Eye

A small French village outside Aix-en-Provence shaped my global perspective on style, art, and community—the true forces driving LA LOOP’s 20-year evolution.

From age eight, I spent hours traversing hills tread by such luminaries as Gauguin, Matisse and Van Gogh. These lush landscapes— plus the painters’ interpretations of them—shaped the way I see the world. The colors and the scenery of my international childhood spent at farmers markets where women dressed offhandedly and incredibly chic remain indelible in my imagination.

Dinners back home in Los Angeles around the kitchen table also framed my entrepreneurial vision, especially conversations with my looped-in civic minded parents who modeled “What can I do to help.” Inspired by my family’s commitment to social advocacy and the Aspen Institute’s Crown Fellowship program fostering community leadership, civic engagement has become second nature. Through this craft brand,

I’m committed to bringing change for women, to building communities of empathetic people who are treating each other with respect. This is our mission at LA LOOP.

It took some time to merge my two life-long obsessions: style and advocacy. My early love of French style drew me to the editorial staff at Figaro Madame in Paris, to Guerlain fragrances, and to open retail markets on three continents for GUESS Jeans before launching LA LOOP with my founding partner. My upbringing immersed me in the aesthetics of colors and scenery, but also taught me the value of messaging and social justice. As a child, the post-Impressionists loomed large, now Ai Wei Wei’s human rights-driven sculptural installations are a constant inspiration.

My vision is evolving alongside LA LOOP’s designed-in-L.A. collections, found in a hand-picked array of boutiques from Isetan Tokyo’s famed department store to Gorsuch in Aspen and Vail to optical innovators like Robert Marc in New York City and where digital seekers find our latest pieces. I’m on a daily quest to engage with the global Looper community and also local grassroots organizations in my city to ensure that all women find more opportunities to play an integral role in forming a more holistic and just society.

-- Elizabeth Faraut

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