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We LOVE our customers! Check out what people are saying about La LOOP: 

"My husband wears his La LOOP all the time, to work and for leisure at sporting events, etc. His LaLoop(s) are an accessory he never goes out without! We've travelled the world with LaLOOP's and always have people asking about them. We are constantly referring them back to LaLOOP's website directly and also to the local retailers we know who carry your products. A very useful and attractive product."

-Brenda R. Houston, TX

"La LOOP is my "go to" gift item. Many compliments received!"

-Dorothy H. Mill Valley, CA

"My partner and I both wear them. We receive compliments and queries many times a day about these elegant and practical 'what do you do with your glasses' solution. We're both huge fans of your product. I appreciate its useful functionality and fashionable statement, a unique combination for sure."

-Rick S. New York, NY

"I am so glad I can now find La LOOP in Australia. I first discovered your product while on vacation in Los Angeles - hooked me right away. A very useful product."

-Stuart G. Perth, Australia

"I first saw your product while on vacation in Europe and was amazed to see it again when I returned back home to Toronto. I've been losing my glasses for years and have now found the perfect solution. Thanks."

-Patricia D. Toronto, ON

"I am constantly asked about my La LOOP "necklace" and am quick to reply - "But it is so much more than a necklace!" I love my loop and wear it all the time."

-Sally B. Duluth, GA

"I received a La LOOP as a gift and had never heard of it before. I haven't taken it off since. Great product."

-Amy W. East Lansing, MI

"I love my dog tag La LOOP - people stop me in the street asking about it. Thanks for making an old guy feel cool."

-Mike R. Santa Monica, CA

"I love your beautiful jewelry and have given many as gifts. I love the design - great job."

-Rachel E. Scarsdale, NY

"I saw a friend wearing her La LOOP and just had to get one myself. Where have you been all my life?"

-Gillian S. Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"I like useful things but didn't think a necklace was for me. Now I find myself needing my "LOOP" everyday - and have a spare one just in case."

-Clayton P. Vancouver, BC

"Thank you for your beautiful product. I always told myself I would never wear an "old lady" glasses chain and now I don't have to. Thank you."

-Teresa M. Pittsburg, PA

"I cannot live without my La LOOP."

-Lisa A. San Francisco, CA

"I'm convinced La LOOP saved our marriage. Never again do I have to hear him constantly ask "Honey have you seen my glasses? Thank you La LOOP."

-Barbara S. Dallas, TX

"I've had La LOOPs for years and years. They are the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night -- aside from makeup. They elicit comments from people who want to know where they can get them, and I've given them as special gifts to the important people in my life."

-Dee A. Pound Ridge, NY

"I purchased 3 La LOOPs in Vegas 4 years ago and absolutely LOVE them! I'm constantly getting compliments. They are absolutely fabulous and nothing else comes close in comparison! I'm convinced there is not another product that will do the job as well as La LOOP...please keep them coming!"

-Tina T, Las Vegas, NV

"I bought some cheap imitation years ago while on a business trip to Montreal. I simply needed to keep my glasses handy and was unaware of La LOOP at the time. Then, while having lunch with a friend just last month who was sporting a very chic La LOOP ... I was so thrilled and immediately went on a search for one of my own. I am so thrilled to have my new La LOOP and wear it everyday. Thank you for designing a fashion & function statement piece that I adore."

-Aliki M, Toronto, ON

"La LOOP is a wonder! I have several different styles and materials, and they work alone as jewelry or in combination with other necklaces. If I ever forget to put one on, I feel lost without it!"

-Julie T, Los Angeles, CA.

“I am a professor at a local community college.  When I am lecturing I take my glasses on and off.  I would lose glasses all the time!  I have several LaLoop necklaces and I can't live without them.”

-Jennifer M,  Los Angeles, CA 

“I LOVE La LOOP and have been wearing them for over 12 years! Best darn thing since sliced bread J.”

-Eric H, Pasadena, CA

“I simply love your products.”

-Sinden C, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for making the extra effort to extend the length of La LOOP. VERY APPRECIATED.”

-Louise H, Gig Harbor, WA 

“I gave my husband 2 la loops for Christmas this past year & he was so happy with them, both the black leather & silver, and rubbery khaki one which he wears when he is working outdoors, etc.”

-Toni S, Long Branch, NJ

“Thank you so much for your excellent service, and for replacing this item!  We hope to buy more La Loops in the future.”

-Marcia C, Darien, CT

“Your pieces are so much better quality than I've found so far. My compliments.”

-Laura D, Canada

“Perfect, I love it! Besides the great design… this is the perfect length, so that it goes over my head.  Men have a recessive gene for hooking things behind the head or in the mirror.  Don’t know how y’all do it… mothers must teach that ;-)”

-Richard P, Galveston, TX

“I love these!”

-Heather K, New York City, NY

“Thank you –– it’s beautiful. #1 in our collection and/or gifts we’ve given. Deeply grateful.”

-Alix P, Bellevue, WA

“I have 23 of them that I have collected over the years! I am so happy. I loved that one.Thank you so much.”

-Sally L, Providence, RI

“You are amazing, and I’m a supporter.”

-Margaret C, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you so much. It is something I really enjoy and wear every day.”

-Phyllis E, Virginia Beach, VA

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