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Q: What do I do if my LA LOOP breaks? 

A: Every LA LOOP purchased through our website comes with a 1-year warranty. While we do not get complaints often, we promise to remedy the situation tout de suite.


Q: How can I keep my LA LOOP looking spiffy? I wear it every day.

A: Every LA LOOP comes with a microfiber pouch. That pouch is not just for storage (it sounds like you probably never put your LA LOOP away in a drawer anyway), it’s also a polishing cloth to help you keep your LA LOOP looking its best. 

Q: How many LA LOOPS are too many? (I am amassing quite the collection.) 

A: Some Loopers are devoted to a single style. Others prefer to change things up daily, matching their LOOP to their look or their mood. You do you. We won't judge. 

Q: My husband drives me crazy by constantly losing his glasses. Can LA LOOP save my marriage?

A: We recommend starting with either a Sport LA LOOP or our Classic leather LA LOOP. Be sure to take advantage of our LA LOOP gift packaging. You'll be celebrating your 50th anniversary before you know it. 

Q: I don’t wear reading glasses. Can I still wear a LA LOOP?

A: Bien sur! LA LOOP is perfect for sunglasses, too.

Q: Which length LA LOOP is right for me?

A: First decide where you’d like your glasses to hang. If you like them at the sternum, we suggest our shorter length (21 inches). If you feel comfortable with them hanging a bit lower, our longer length (25 inches) is your best bet. (Our Langston Adjustable Dog Tag style is fully adjustable so you can wear it long, short, or in between.) And in the event you feel you ordered the wrong length, we’re happy to swap it out.

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