Brigitte Weil

Brigitte Weil

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What is your LOOP of choice?
I love the Freshwater Pearl loop..

How does it keep me connected to what I love & believe?
I am also in love with helping other fall in love. I’m a matchmaker. I read profiles, analyze photos, and research eligible men and women all day. I imagine, create, and curate fabulous first dates that often lead to fabulous beginnings and happy endings. I’m generally performing 17 tasks at once, and the only constant is that I need to see what’s in front of me. I once couldn’t find my glasses, and set up a doctor with his daughter because I couldn’t read that they had the same last name…that was NOT such a fabulous date…

I am a woman who believes... waking up every day and kissing the earth that she’s not 20 anymore. I am smarter, more insightful, and more confident today about what makes me happy. Our twenties and thirties are the learning years – full of mistakes, questionable choices, and sometimes regret. That’s ok- this is wonderful and useful intel. If we’re open and honest, we allow our history to become our compass to meaningful relationships, and true happiness.