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Carte Blanche with Felix Dol Maillot

Carte Blanche with Felix Dol Maillot

To embark the carte blanche campaign, we invited Félix to unveil, with spontaneity and under the sun of the French Riviera, his vision of the loop.

Félix grew up in Paris and the shores of the Mediterranean amidst a family of artists. He was raised on street culture and graphic arts in which he descended into the world of fashion by creating his own line of clothes and accessories with his brother in 2011. In New York in 2013, he discovered photography almost by chance alongside the still life photographer Lionel Koretzky and fashion photographers such as Nathaniel Goldberg. At the border of fashion and reportage, the portraits of Felix are immersed in his world and his daily life. Both generous and simple, his still-lifes are graphic enhancers.

During his summer break, Felix experimented with and questioned how to interact with LA LOOP products. ⁣⁠
From his wife, to Nino (his dog) through the aperitif, all moments of life became a game between the ring, everyday life and Felix's goal. Over time, the gaze on the object has evolved to transgress its primary use: to carry glasses. ⁣⁠

This is how he played with the LOOP. 

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