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Carte Blanche with Sasha Lytvyn

Carte Blanche with Sasha Lytvyn

We invited Sasha Lytvyn, an Ukranian born artist who moved to the United States in 2010, for our 4th Carte Blanche LA LOOP campaign. Carte Blanche was originally conceived as a way for us to learn more about how others see LA LOOP. Four photographers were sent LA LOOPs and given creative freedom to capture LA LOOP through their personal lens. A renowned NY based independent photographer, Sasha's work can be seen in major International publications like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, the Wall Street Journal, as well as Prada campaigns to list a few.

Sasha's photographs are a mirror reflection of the history of LA LOOP: the journey. The journey for him in this series is during a road trip between Los Angeles and New York. This timeless and naturalistic vision, specific to Sasha Lytvyn, gently and honestly translates the intimate relationship between LA LOOP and its cherished products. Through Sasha Lytvyn’s journey from the West Coast to East Coast, he depicts the true interconnection between the LOOP and its wearer. The pictured LA LOOPs add simple beauty to the scenes of these everyday life shots. 

Sasha Lytvyn's lighting and elegant gaze aptly reveal the architecture, finesse and luminance of LA LOOP necklaces.

This is how he played with the LOOP. 

And now back in stock, the Bancroft, one of the stars of his campaign with its elegant open links and 24k gold finish. 


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