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Fashion Meets Function

Fashion Meets Function

Necklaces adorn the neck; earrings embellish the ears;

makeup “enhances” the face…but what if accessories could move beyond

laloop body 2

elevating one’s appearance and also serve a function? In 1999, two women came together and discussed this very problem and envisioned a product that solved it simply and creatively. Their ambition and forward thinking introduced a new category in fashion: LA LOOP, the original necklace for eyewear.

LA LOOP’s innovation truly embraces its motto: “form and function at your fingertips”. It merges the elegant clean lines of a necklace with a simple circle that securely holds glasses. Its engineering proved to be so innovative that the company earned a utility and design patent for its magical swivel hinges that rotate 365 degrees, keeping your eyewear in the loop as your body moves around. With a simple necklace, LA LOOP solved the common issue of losing glasses with an elegant accessory that you can incorporate into your daily look.  


Today’s LA LOOP moves beyond its classic silver design to include necklaces composed of different materials and designs. Current collections are made from a variety of fine materials including acetate, Italian leather, 24k gold, semi-precious gemstones, and Sterling Silver, as well as a collection of traditional eyewear leashed in Diane Taylor Designs. 


With the outbreak of Covid-19, the brand entered the PPE space and created the LA MASK product line. LA LOOP’s mission is to design accessories that matter, emphasizing both necessity and beauty in fulfilling its customers’ needs. 

LA LOOP’s design has attracted many major figures in the fashion world including Vogue’s Tonne Goodman and Barney’s Simon Doonan. In addition, celebrities including Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts have been spotted wearing LA LOOP. With everything said, LA LOOP has stayed true to its vision over the past two decades: it’s committed to making products that merge function and fashion for all.


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