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Launch of 2nd Annual Grant

Launch of 2nd Annual Grant

Family and Friends -
The importance of giving back is something I learned from my parents as a child around our dinner table.
My parents talked about the grass roots organizers and service providers as being the heroes in our community. People who made one person's life a little bit better.
Now as a small business owner, I am committed to inspiring others to engage in their local communities, just as my parents modeled for me and my brothers.  
Three years ago, we launched LOOPin, LA LOOP's social impact division. LOOPin has become a core element of LA LOOP's DNA and answers the why we do what we do question.  Our mission is to find ways to connect and inspire our stakeholders - the people who make, sell and market our products- to do good in their communities.  
This week we announce our 2nd Annual LOOPin Grant program. Our loopers (customers, suppliers, team members) get to nominate their favorite non-profit in their community and we are awarding five $1,000 grants on November 30.  Bottom line: we want to know what matters to our stakeholders and be able to support the people that are doing meaningful work in their communities.
We are opening the nominations up to friends and family -- that's YOU --  and it really does just take 5 minutes (for all the busy on this list). If you know of a non-profit in your community doing good, they will thank you.
Submissions accepted through November 12
Thank you for all the support --
PS. Thank you to LA County Board of Supervisor Holly Mitchell (and LA LOOP fan) who was first to respond to our LOOPin Grants campaign this week - photo attached.

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