Pace Women’s Justice Center

For this year's LOOPin grant, we asked LOOPers to nominate organizations that matter to them. LOOPin is all about helping people together, and our grant supports organizations with leveraging volunteers more effectively.


After receiving heartfelt applications this fall, we asked four independent judges to select this year's awardee: Pace Women's Justice Center (PWJC), a nonprofit that provides free legal services to victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and elder abuse.


Due to COVID-19, PWJC had to transition its free legal services to virtual counseling. With the ongoing help of LA LOOP, PWJC has successfully shifted to a virtual model. Now, staff and volunteers alike can continue doing what they do best: bringing justice to survivors of abuse.


In June, we cohosted a webinar with PWJC: “Deep Dive: How social services nonprofits can successfully transition to and sustain a virtual model.” Our CEO, Elizabeth, spoke with Executive Director Cindy Kanusher and Director of Pro Bono Programs, Natalie Sobchak, about PWJC’s experience adapting to COVID-19 and the lessons they learned along the way.

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