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Carte Blanche with Sasha Lytvyn

We invited Sasha Lytvyn, an Ukranian born artist who moved to the United States in 2010, for our 4th Carte Blanche LA LOOP campaign. Carte...

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The Secret to a Stylish Dad

Jewelry is unbiased: it has no gender, race, sexuality or ethnicity prejudice. LA LOOP embraces this statement wholeheartedly with its many unisex designs that emphasizes...

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A LA LOOP necklace is not only uniquely beautiful in its design, but also in its craftsmanship. We stay true to our mission of searching...

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Fashion Meets Function

Necklaces adorn the neck; earrings embellish the ears; makeup “enhances” the face…but what if accessories could move beyond elevating one’s appearance and also serve a function?...

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Deborah Sommers

I am a designer, mother, wife, traveler, volunteer, dog person (vs cat) and asian noodle soup addict. What is your LOOP of choice? My LOOP...

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